IBDP MYP Courses

· Explain and Cover IB Course Syllabus Content

· Tackle Challenging Theories and Questions,Improve Problem-Solving Skills

· Comprehensive IA (Internal Assessment)Guidance

· Exam Preparation including Past Paper Practice

A-Level/IGCSE Courses

· Explain and Cover A-Level/IGCSE Syllabus Content

· Tackle Challenging Theories and Questions, Improve Problem-Solving Skills

· Comprehensive Coursework Guidance

· Exam Preparation including Past Paper Practice

Y1-Y9 Core Courses

· Designed for Y1-Y9 International School Students

· Covers Core Subjects: English, Mathematics, Sciences, Humanities

· Overcome Language and Cultural Barriers

· Quickly Adapt to International Curriculum, and prepare to study in a New Environment

English Reading and Writing Courses

· Close Reading of Classic Literary Texts

· Study English Language Techniques in Detail

· Use Grammar and Literary Elements from Literature to Improve Writing

· Explore English and American Culture in Depth and develop International outlook

IQBar –Proactive International Education

IQBar advocates self-motivated learning and creates a brand new learning experience for Breadies (students), allowing them to study with and learn from Buddies, tutors studying at the top UK universities, in a way which suits their individual needs. To meet their needs, Breadies can select a variety of courses and subjects, choose Buddies with different backgrounds and personalities, and arrange a personal timetable.

Star Buddies

Tomek UK

Durham University

Sophie UK

Queen Mary University of London

Alex UK

Keele University

Ceri UK

University of Exeter

Lydia UK

University of Nottingham